November 25, 2009

This blog may look like it is dying, but that is in fact not the case.

What you’re looking at is the technical, english-language content from my personal weblog, on which these entries will soon be removed, of course. I recently realized that mixing personal and techical stuff on one blog is probably not a good idea. Neither is mixing languages (danish and english).

Thankfully, the solution is pretty easy with WordPress’ export/import feature: Split the blog into two. This is the technical half of that split.

So on this blog I will write about all kinds of technical stuff, mostly programming- or Emacs-related. I’ll probably spend some words on tips and tricks for the efficient use of Emacs. Emacs has been one of the great revalations for me, and it pains me to think about how many years I made do with all kinds of inferior text editors. However, I’ll try not to write annoying things like that on the blog. 🙂

I won’t limit the scope to Emacs, though. Basically, I’ll write about anything where I feel that I may be able to help others. Also, I’ll often use the blog as a notepad for configuration snippets, gotchas etc. that I tend to forget. Chances are that others forget them as well. The post about changing text encoding in Emacs is a perfect example of this.

This post is really just a marker, because there’s already some content on the blog. I just wanted to explain the change of address, the huge temporal gaps (clearly I have some catching up to do) as well as stating my intentions for the future of the blog. I’m really looking forward to putting a lot more stuff up here. On my personal wiki, I have a long list of topics to write about, so it’s time to get cracking.

Comments are always very welcome!