Speeding up MacPorts builds on multicore machines

October 19, 2008

As all MacPorts users know, the process of building can take a significant amount of time when installing ports.

While setting up my new multicore machine, I had to install a lot of ports, and I was surprised to see that MacPorts only used one core when building (by the way, it seems that this may be about to change).

To have MacPorts use all cores, change the following in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf (if you installed MacPorts in the default location):

# Add the following line:
use_parallel_build  yes

# Find and update this line. Specify the number of
# concurrent jobs to run or 0 for "auto" (ie. use all cores available).
buildmakejobs       8

However, note that each individual port can override these values, and unfortunately, it seems that many ports do.

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